…my new “Dream Fish” is positively DREAMY under my feet!!!  This particular beauty went straight from this dudes hands directly into some super fun and peaky lefts and rights… I quickly discovered she works just as good on my backhand as she does frontside!!! I’ve owned three TW boards (and ridden a few more) and each one is magic and better than the one before!!! This is my first TW fish and can’t wait to get this thing into a Mexican point break in less than two weeks… a huge #frothing thanks you to @TylerW
1940s illustration from an ad enticing people to take the Matson line to Hawaii.
Good Morning Aloha! Illustration from the Warrant Officers’ Club, 1950. #goodmorningaloha
And, here’s the Surf Rider Hotel. Mid-Century Aloha! #mnii #midcenturyaloha
@curiousgabe shooting M.Nii summer 13 with @caldaddy @christianwach
Detail of The Surf Club Jacket. #mnii
The M.Nii Bro label on the Drowner pant in sky blue. #mnii
Vintage wrapping paper from the Leilani Gift Shop in Honolulu.
M.Nii is proudly 100% Made in USA. #mnii #madeinusa
Good morning aloha! Vintage illustration from a 1953 travel brochure. #aloha #mnii #goodmorningaloha